Who We Are

We've spent a long time working in visual communications for clients ranging from garage-based start-ups to Madison Avenue advertising firms.

The 411

District Bureau was started by filmmaker, graphic artist and screenwriter Grant Janes. After his first company, Lookfar Films, had a successful run in the advertising world, he rebranded and expanded the company's offerings to include design, development, animation and branding.

Things We Do

We code. We film. We animate. We design. We write. We craft messages and we tell stories. We connect with people. And we solve problems. Above all, we make sure our clients stand out in a dynamic and rapidly-evolving world.

Our People

District Bureau comprises a group of dedicated freelance designers, UI/UX experts, coders, animators and directors - all pursuing whip-smart digital content on behalf of its many clients.

High and Low Tech

Sure, we have all of the digital tools at our disposal. But sometimes the best tools are nothing more than a .99¢ pen and a piece of paper. You have something to say. Our job is to help you say it.